Graduation can’t come fast enough. I only have one more week of school and it feels like a year. Many people don’t want to graduate but me one the other hand can’t wait. I’m ready to start a new chapter of my life and move around. I’m just ready to grow up I guess. 


El Tap

El tap is a Mexican restaurant that happens to be my favorite restaurant. My friends and I go every Tuesday after work. We sit at the same table and get the same server. We order bean and cheese nachos and chicken fajitas nachos every time, it’s our favorite. When we walk in they have our table ready for us, it’s like they know we are coming. 


You never know what you’ve got yourself into when you first get a dog. It’s nice then a couple weeks later it’s a dog with razor blades as teeth. I just got a dog named sue she is a English Setter puppy. When she first got home she was a very loving dog, but when a well or so went my she turned into the devil. She use to sleep with me, now I can’t let her go in my room without her chewing up something. She is a fantastic dog other than the puppy stage. Needless to say, she is an outside dog now. 

Growing Up

Growing up is weird. It feels like five minutes ago I was a little kid play in the dirt and not a care in the world. I miss not having to worry about having enough gas or having food or having a job. Some people say they like growing up but me its the total opposite I don’t want to. Here in about 2 weeks I will be graduated and be put on my own (living with my mom­čśé). But the point is growing up sucks. 


I just recently found out that I pasted my phlebotomy test and am now a registered phlebotomist. This is just one step closer to reaching my goal of being an RN. Some people don’t find that a big goal but I’ve wanted it since I was little. I already have a job at the hospital for when I graduate high school. I will be working in the lab being a phlebotomist. 


Prom this year was my last one. I didn’t stay long it was kind of boring. I don’t like dancing in front of people so it wasn’t fun for me. I just don’t know how to dance anyways. I liked the food though that was the best part. 


Nursing is what I love, and what I want to do when I get out of high school. It’s a rush running around taking care of patients. I have been doing clinicals at mercy and it’s been really fun. I get to follow around nurses for three hours a day. I am going to continue my nursing future at Murray state college to become an RN. Nobody can take away nursing from me. I love it and will continue doing it. It’s great getting to help patient get better and help in their time of need.